‘Kula Wote Bila Huruma’- Fans React To Willy Paul’s Photo With Sexy Lady

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2017)

Gospel star Willy Paul is the star that many people like to hate on no matter what he does. Even his recent song Jigi Jigi was massively criticized yet still was successful.

Willy Paul has often posted photos on his social media account with different women and is never shy about it. His most recent one attracted really insane comments from his fans.

This was the photo

These were the comments

Peter Karanja: Hapo sawa Fisi. .represent us…kula wote bila huruma

Tonie TheJournalist: Her nose is bigger than your brain😂

Gitonga Mwangi: She has a big nose.That will Inhale your music destiny😹😹

Maria Sanchez: My eyes are glued on Willy’s eyebrows.. kwani huwa anathread

James Kariuki: Kwani you don’t feed her.?

Diana: Hope you settle down soon.its not good for a gospel artist to be seen with different women.Amua na ufunge pingu za maisha.

Cylvan Milambo: #Empire mwitu made of #sLy king and quëën

Mepe Voste Epem: Buda boss yawa one after the other easy

Faith Vunyanzi: You are back together again?.. Hope this time wedding itago through

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