Larry Madowo Posts A Photo With A Woman And The Internet Goes Crazy

(Last Updated On: December 26, 2017)

As we all know, Larry Madowo is not married nor dating anyone. When asked, he states that he hasn’t met anyone who deserves him and can keep up with him since he is a handful. He also did add that he does like girls. His fans have pressured him multiple times to find a woman to settle down with and are never shy to leave their thoughts on this topic on his comment section on social media.

Recently, Larry posted a photo with a certain young lady while enjoying his holiday visiting different countries in Europe. He met this lady while in the UK and posted a photo with her and people went nuts in the comment section. Here are some of the best ones.

Finarrrryyyy…things are looking up! We dont know yet but it looks githemba sesky, kidu kicoupling …kiundu gisamthing


We’ve started boiling potatoes and gathering big sufurias in the village.Firewood is piling up for the Big day as Larry Madowo ameonekaniwa


Oh ! Finary. …….ugh!!! Now ,”am in Paris , am in Berlin, harooo from New York , Look who’s in Greece !! ” ALL these will end with “Look who is pregnant? ” na nimeenda!


I new December wont end b4 i see a mirracle, I was almost doubting my pastor, I think this was the mirracle


Nlidhan unaendea kamzungu huko,kumbe bdoh unafukuzana na kina waithera kama mm


I am not good in Reading body language but I can understand your wide smile… As a man, iyo smile ni ile mtu uweka wakati dem ameingia box, na kwa haraka zako, mikono imetembea mpaka golgota mahali wezi wawili walikua wamewekwa kwa msalaba, alafu dem naye na maswali ya ujinga anakuuliza, “Larry, mkono inafanya nini hapo???”, and you are like, hehhe, hjddjdsjwkiekkalshsh,, rrrrrrah papapa… na iyo smile sasa..


Siku hizi hao madem pia wamejua wewe uko harmless… wanacheza ata na kifua yako sasa.


Look..finally Larry got his rib after loitering in Europe for a month


I think in such a cold weather you better conduct an operation called OPERATION TEST KITANDA KAMA IKO STRONG


Wedding bells,wedding bells, wedding all the way
Oh what a joy for us to know Larry found the one

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