These Are The Latest Cars That Jalang’o Owns (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2017)


Top comedian, actor and radio presenter Jalang’o is one of the biggest success stories in comedy since he literally went from rags to riches after utilizing a tiny window of opportunity to the maximum during the filming of Papa Shirandula. His next big window of opportunity was working with Caroline Mutoko on her very popular show The Big Breakfast. He abandoned his role in Papa Shirandula and ended up staying three months without a salary just to work on getting a position in the show. Even though he was paid a tiny net salary of Ksh28,000, the show opened the opportunity for him to get bombarded with corporate hosting gigs which paid hundreds of thousands. He has worked with big companies like Keroche, Safaricom, Guiness, Gulf African Bank, Kengen etc.

Jalang’o has had his fair share of expensive cars. He bought his first car in 2008. It was a Toyota Starlet which he paid Ksh250,000 after getting a loan from work. This was a major improvement from riding on top of the train to Mwiki. He has then ended up owning cars like a Mercedes Benz, Range Rover Over Finch, Toyota Celica, Bentley etc.

In 2017, he has two red cars in his parking lot, a Land Rover Discovery and a BMW X6. He shared this on Instagram stories just recently.


Here are some of his other older cars: