“Learn To Zip Your Trousers!” Babu Owino Advises Married Men Who Cheat

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2017)

Controversial politician Babu Owino has taken it upon himself to address the epidemic that is infidelity. He went ahead to advice his fellow married men to control themselves and not to be tempted easily. He stated:

Marriage doesn’t cure lust, if it did adultery wouldn’t exist. Self-control is still a requirement. Lust doesn’t care if you are married or single. You may be Solomon in wisdom or David in praise or Abraham in faith or Joshua in war but if you are not Joseph in discipline, you will end up like Samson in destruction…..Tialalala

This festive season, self-control is needed. The world needs you. TIBIM

He then later added: “A man who cannot sweat for you should not sweat on you. Responsibility”

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