“Lets Talks About How You Cheated” Jaguar’s Ex Girlfriend Alleges

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2017)

Starahe MP Charles Njagua popularly known as Jaguar is not having an easy week. He recently just engaged in a physical fight with Babu Owino but drama didn’t end there. Elsewhere, a lady who goes by the name Ani Wams stated that he was still bugging her after ruining her life.

She wrote this on Instagram:

Huyu mwanaume ananijaribu ..#kinuke. Charles my Kanyi? umenichokesha.

She then went on to rant about how Jaguar allegedly cheated on her multiple times with different women then had kids with them.

“Keep stirring that pot “mheshimiwa”….you can only push me so far …let us talk about how you cheated …let us throw it all the way..let us talk how you cheated on me with magda (had a child)let us talk about how you had another child’ with another ann (stupid ass be more creative)i forgave you.I have been there through thick and thin…but still you want to try me?tell your baby mamas to leave me alone#postanddelete…wazidi kunijaribu…mtalijua jiji,”

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