What It’s Like Inside A $10,000 Etihad First Class Flight

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2017)


Etihad Airways is one of the most expensive airlines in the world and this is because of the services they offer. A flight from Abu Dhabi to New York would cost someone $10,000.

So what do you get for $10,000?

There is a chauffeur service you can use to arrive in style to the airport. You don’t even have to touch your luggage since there is someone to handle that for you as you head to the luxurious check in desks.

At the check in desk you get a chair for you to sit down as you print your boarding pass.

The First Class Lounge is on another level. Some of the services they offer include haircuts, shaves, massages, whiskey and cigars.

Your flight seat is more like an apartment. You get so much leg room, more than you may even need. There is also a personalized letter waiting for you.

When its dinner time, you mini apartment will be transformed into a dining room since they will bring out china plates and crystal glassware. You will be given the fine dining experience you may get at a high end restaurant.


There is a minibar with different soft drinks and you can also get bottomless champagne.

If you fee like taking a shower there is an on-board shower and spa where you get around 5 minutes of running water within the 30 minutes assigned for you to freshen up.

If you get tired and you want to catch some shut eye, you can turn the place to a bedroom with double bed for those who are couples. The flight crew will set up everything for you.

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