Lillian Muli Posts Stunning Photoshoot As She Takes A Break At The Coast

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2018)

Lillian Muli is currently on vacation at Swahili Beach Resort after being sponsored by Bonfire Adventures. She says she needed sometime to relax and reflect about her future plans. She decided to also do a stunning photoshoot giving her fans a taste of how her holiday is going on.

“This baby moon was so important to me because i needed time to reflect. I’ve been up and down and just felt so exhausted all of a sudden. I also needed time to think about my future plans, bearing in mind i am carrying my second child. Securing my children’s future is my top priority,” she said in an interview with The Star. 

“My pregnancy photoshoot was inspired by the fact that i didn’t do it during my first pregnancy and have always wondered why i did not. Pregnancy changes a woman. You may not believe this if you are pregnant, but it is such a beautiful season for a woman, and you need to embrace it and celebrate it.”