Lillian Muli Savagely Responds To Cyprian Nyakundi After Attacking Her

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2018)

Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi hit a raw nerve after he attacked and dissed Lillian Muli in one of his many Facebook posts. The notorious boy child advocate aired his sentiments on Facebook after Lillian Muli did a show hosting four female YouTubers (Over 25) on her show. He said:

Lillian Muli is hosting a social media forum on TV and the ONLY panelists on her show are WOMEN, who she claims have taken over the Internet, yet nobody has ever heard of them.

My nigga’s, those of you who are sexually-starved and only watch Citizen to see her diab, get over that shit. It’s 2018, this bitch is approaching 40. You can’t be drooling over her ass for 10 years.

Boycott watching feminist BS! Find something better to do like read book or read Nyakundi’s posts. Not subscribing to feminazi ideology.

This statement caught the attention of the news anchor and she went ahead to respond with this statement:

 “For all you idle, bored hating types who feed off negative vibe you spew about others in your shady closed platforms you don’t even know the people you talk about and you never will! You’ve only seen them on magazines or Tv or heard them on Radio and you claim you know them. You are a fan in denial. Work on your insecurities first it takes a very emotionally unstable person to spread hateful lies. But then again there is no publicity that is bad publicity…y’all just mad at yourselves…For real though get Help; brands pay to get advertised you on the other hand are so philanthropic you advertise them free of Charge; so you make the brand popular and where does that leave you?”

The YouTubers from the Over 25 channel also gave a response that not many expected. They posted:

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