Lillian Muli: Why I Can’t Tolerate Bullying

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2018)

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli is one of the celebrities who have had to endure the wrath of Kenyans on social media time and time again. For the longest time she had kept her personal Instagram profile private and currently she is very quick to delete negative comments.

Lillian Muli opened up and gave an explanation on why she doesn’t tolerate bullies online plus what she does to deal with them.

“I come from a background of bullying even when I was a small girl in school,” said Muli in an interview.

“When somebody says something bad about me, it comes from a very personal place in me. It is always an instinct to react because I grew up fighting bullies and I am not gonna take that as an adult.”

“When I speak up, I always speak up for every other girl that is getting bullied or even a woman who is pushed in whatever way by a partner or a colleague at work who is male.” she said. 

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