List Of 8 Best First Class Airline Cabins In The World

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2014)


Traveling first class in an airline is the ultimate luxury. If you have a lot of money you will want to fly in the best first class that airlines have to offer. Travel website Flightfox devided a list of the 24 best First Class in-flight cabins from around the world. They took into account things like seat configuration, aisle access and suite privacy.

Singapore Airlines scooped position one when it came to luxury airlines. Cathay Pacific was second while Emirates was third.

1. Singapore Suites



2. Cathay Pacific First Class Suites

cathay pacific


3. Emirates First Class



4. Etihad Diamond First

etihad diamond


5. Lufthansa First Class



6. Oman Air First Class

oman air


7. Qatar First Class



8. Asiana First Class


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