List Of Instant Fine Payments For Traffic Offenses On Kenyan Roads

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2016)


Motorists who are fond of committing minor traffic offenses such as exceeding the speed limit or not putting on their seat belts will now be able to pay instant fines that range between Ksh500 to Ksh10,000.

You will not longer be arrested or have your vehicle towed to a police station. Instead of heading to court, you will pay an instant fine through mobile money then get a standard receipt. The rules have been drafted by NTSA and the body will introduce around 300 officers to assist in enforcement.

If you deny the charges, then you will get a date with the traffic court.

Driving without identification platesKsh10,000
Hiring an unlicensed driver or conductorKsh10,000
Exceeding speed limit by 16 - 20kphKsh10,000
Causing obstruction by blocking other vehiclesKsh10,000
Failure to fit speed governorKsh10,000
Driving a PSV while being unqualifiedKsh5,000
Failure to stop when flagged by uniformed officerKsh5,000
Driving without a valid driving licenseKsh3,000
Driving PSV with tinted windowsKsh3,000
Driving with part of the body outside vehicleKSh1,000
Motorbike rider without a protective gearKsh1,000
Failure by conductor to keep safety belts cleanKsh500
Failure to wear seat beltKsh500

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