List Of Best Investment Banks and Stock Brokers In Kenya

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2015)


In order to participate in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) stock trading, you need to have a stock broker or an investment bank. Here is a list:

ABC Capital
African Alliance Kenya Investment Bank
Afrika Investment Bank
ApexAfrica Capital
CBA Capital
Discount Securities (Under Statutory management)
Dyer & Blair Investment Bank
Equity Investment Bank
Faida Investment Bank
Francis Drummond & Company
Genghis Capital
Kestrel Capital
Kingdom Securities
Ngenye Kariuki & Co (Under Statutory management)
NIC Securities
Old Mutual Securities
Renaissance Capital (Kenya)
SBG Securities
Standard Investment Bank
Sterling Capital
Suntra Investment Bank


When it comes to choosing which is better than the other you should consider extra perks such as online trading, Lipa Na Mpesa deposits to your accounts and weekly email updates about which stocks are the best to trade.

Online trading platform help you buy and sell shares from your computer, give you access to real time prices, access your transaction statements and you stock portfolio valuation.

List of popular stock brokers with online trading platforms;

1. CFC Stanbic’s SBG Securities.

2. Dyer and Blair Investment Bank

3. Kestrel

4. Drummond

5. Africa Alliance

6. Genghis Capital


List of popular stock brokers with Mpesa deposit option:

1. Genghis Capital

2. Dyer and Blair

3. SBG – CFC Stanbic



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