List Of Highest and Lowest Paying Jobs In Kenya

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2015)


Majority of the students in Kenya work so hard in school so as to land that job that is very high paying and is in the sector they enjoy. A survey was conducted by Economic Survey 2015 showing the highest paying jobs in various sectors of the economy.

The financial services industry is the currently the highest paying sector especially in the private sector while those in the agricultural sector are among the lowest paid. Agriculture contributes around 27.3% of the GDP yet they are not the most profitable due to the low margins associated with the industry. Banks are the most profitable in the financial industry with the managers taking home very fat pay cheques.

Average salaries per month.

1. Financial Institutions (banks, insurers, asset managers) – Ksh125,356

2. Electricity and gas – Ksh103,936

3. Administrative and other support functions – Ksh103,045

4. Transport and warehousing (pilots, drivers, logistic managers) – Ksh87,788

5. Education – Ksh69,173

6. Agriculture – Ksh19,226

7. Domestic workers – Ksh15,500

8. Provision of utilities and services (cleaning, security etc) – Ksh14,693


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