List Of Top Internet Service Providers In Kenya In Home Internet (Fiber and Wireless)

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2016)


Internet is becoming a basic need in the current modern day society hence more and more people in Kenya and around the world are looking for a reliable and affordable internet service provider. Having a wifi connection in your home is a very enjoyable thing since you get to enjoy great internet on a variety of devices at the same time as compared to paying for each device separately. Various companies in Kenya are moving in to cover this huge market especially in urban areas.

Here is a list of companies that provide home internet in Kenya (as at 2015)
1. Zuku

This is a brand under the Wananchi Group which provides both tv and internet at affordable prices. It has over 60% of the home internet fiber internet market in Kenya. It covers most of Nairobi and Mombasa. Speeds range from 1mbps to 60mbps which prices are from Ksh3000 to Ksh10,000, plus all their internet is unlimited. Do inquire if they have coverage in your area and check their website for the different plans.

2. Safaricom

safaricom decoder
This is the biggest telecommunication company in Kenya. Currently they don’t have unlimited internet on wireless but they do offer bundled offers. They do have unlimited fiber to home internet in Nyayo Estate Embakasi for Ksh3500 a month for 10mbps and are rolling out in a number of estates in Nairobi just tweet them and ask if they are in your neighborhood.


Safaricom also launched The Big Box which will provide wireless internet at home through its 3G/4G network. This comes together with free tv channels. 4G internet speeds now hit averagely 20mbps – 40mbps but depends on signal strength and congestion in your area. It will cost you Ksh10,000 but you get limited internet of up to 50GB bundle which will cost you Ksh4000 and expire in 30 days.


3. Airtel
With Airtel you can get wifi set up in your house through their wireless router which is portable. Their wifi routers are ZTE-MF60 (Ksh4,000) which connects around 8 users and The Office which connects around 35 users. For around Ksh3,000 a month you can get 30gb data cap whereby afterwards you browse on limited speeds. Average speeds are around 1mps to 3mbps.


4. Orange

orange-2 orangeOrange Kenya used to offer unlimited internet but it was scrapped and replaced with a bundles plan. You can get a wifi router that is wireless and portable. This will help set up a wifi connection at home. Currently they have daily internet bundles, weekly, monthly and 90 day bundles.


5. Faiba Internet.

This is the most advertised internet service in Kenya with very creative advertising. Unfortunately they mainly concentrate on businesses instead of home internet. Faiba is a brand under Jamii Telecom. They do offer fiber to home internet services in select locations in Nairobi. For Ksh5,000 a month you get 5mps unlimited internet. Other packages are 10mbps for Ksh10,000, 15mbps for Ksh15,000 and 20mbps for Ksh20,000.