List Of Petrol Stations Blacklisted For Selling Adulterated Fuel

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2016)

Total Kenya Makuyu

Total Kenya Makuyu [Not Listed]

The Energy Regulatory Commission is cracking its whip to tame petrol stations that are getting too greedy for profits. On Tuesday it released a list of fuel stations that have been selling adulterated fuel to motorists.

They do this by adding kerosene to petrol and diesel since petrol is much cheaper hence giving them bigger margins for bigger profits.

Around 4,532 tests were carried out in 823 petrol stations. A few of them were busted leading to some having been shut down and others have paid fines between Ksh100,000 – Ksh2 million.

Here is a list that ERC gave

1. Avis Energy filling station – Machakos

2. Patoil filling stations – Machakos

3. Mukaa filling station – Makueni

4. Sunrise filling station – Nairobi

5. Maxis Oil Service – Nairobi

6. Kobil Kiembeni – Murang’a

7. Nana filling station – Busia

8. Lagos filing station – Kilifi

9. Digital filling station – Meru

10. Hass Eldoret service station – Uasin Gishu

11. The ambassador filling station – Kirinyaga

12. Total Mwingi service station – Kitui

13. Mogas Kitale sevice station – Trans Nzoia

14. Kobil Uganda road Eldoret service station – Uasin Gishu

15. Rogmer filling station – Meru