LOST FOR WORDS: Anita Nderu Killing It In A Tiny Bikini

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2018)

Capital FM Hits Not Homework presenter Anita Nderu was at Watamu a couple of weeks back. She took a number of fire bikini photos but hasn’t shared all of them. Yesterday she shared a new photo and for sure she looked amazing in that black bikini.

Earlier, she talked about wanting to be thicker below the waist when she was younger but she now appreciates her body more than she did earlier. She posted:

When I was in high school can you believe all I was asking God for aside from a long healthy, happy and wealthy life was a thicker body. If God allowed it I would love a thick lower body! I will never alter it though. If and when I have a daughter she should know what Mrs. Nderu always said. “You were created how God intended, every lack of curve was for a reason. Do not wish to be anything more than what God single handedly wished you to be” she also said that if I was an entire package I would be a snob and not allow anyone to speak to me😂 As a result no one would make it to the marriage phase and she would never get her camels😂

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