How Your Luggage Can Easily Get Stolen At A Tuskys Supermarket

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2016)


Whenever you go to a supermarket in Kenya, you have to drop off your luggage at the entrance as you get in and in exchange you get a tag. When you are done you bring back the tag and you get your luggage back.

One lady from Nairobi had a bad experience after leaving her luggage at Tuskys BebaBeba in the CBD. It got stolen. Someone else came to collect the luggage with a fake tag.

Here is her Facebook post:

“Tuskys supermarket have very fake luggage tag and thieves are stealing from customers just by walking in with fake tag. I went shopping at Tusky beba beba this evening (and) I was issued with luggage tag 58 then someone went took my luggage with (a) fake tag. When I went to pick my luggage it was gone. Thank God cctv showed what happen(ed) in the branch (and the) manager has promised to pay cash for the lost items by Monday.”

tusk2 tusk3 tusk1

I hope she gets her items as promised

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