MAFISI TIBIM – Orange Customer Care Employee Exposed For Breaching Privacy After Hitting On Customer

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2016)


An customer care employee at Orange Kenya was in problems after he the screenshots of the messages he sent to one of the female customers were shared on social media.

A lady by the name Laura Wambi went ahead to tweet Orange Kenya the screenshots complaining that her customer privacy had been breached. It seemed that Laura had earlier visited the Orange shop and got served by the guy. He liked what he saw and got her number from the registration sheet then texted her later that night. Laura wasn’t impressed.


She quickly shot a tweet to Orange Kenya, the guy’s employers, to express her displeasure.

wamOrange responded by saying the matter is being looked into and will be addressed.

The tweet went viral all over social media and many people took the guy’s side claiming Laura had gone too extreme bring the matter public.









Even Kilimani Mums shared their opinions

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