Making Money On Your Website With Disqus

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2017)

Disqus is one of the most popular commenting platform on the internet used by millions of websites. Not only does it encourage engagement in your website through related posts but also you can make extra money to fuel your growth through their Reveal program, the native advertising system.

If you have high traffic from the United States you will enjoy a higher eCPM for the ads shown due to a much higher inventory.

Types Of Ads Offered By Disqus

Above Comment Ads

These appear above the comments which is the highest performing section plus supports multiple ad types.


In Thread Ads

These display in between comments and do not create any conflicts with your other ads.


Below Comments Ads

These appear after the comments in your site. They are the least intrusive to your readers.


Ad Types Offered

Disqus offers two different types of ads for your website

1.Sponsored Story

2. Sponsored Links


In order to activate the advertising feature in your Disqus account, you need to fit the eligibility for reveal. Here is the criteria

1.Install Engage By Disqus – This is the commenting system for Disqus. You use a WordPress Plug In or paste the code on your own.

2.Your website needs to be in English

3. Your content needs to be real editorial content. Content such as promote illegal activity, tobacco, alcohol, fake news, product purchase page etc are not permitted.

4. Have at least 10,000 weekly US pageviews or high traffic from English speaking countries.

5. Your site should not be over-saturated with ads from multiple vendors.

6. Comments should not appear behind a click


Payment Methods

Disqus will offer payment once your earnings exceed 100USD. However earnings from multiple forums (sites) cannot be consolidated into one payment. They take 90 days to mature so if you met the threshold in August you will be paid at the end of November.

Disqus will pay you through Paypal using an e-check, ACH, Wire Transfer or Check. You an option to pick your currency depending on your country. International checks may take up to three weeks before delivery.