Malawi Pastor Brags About His Fleet Of Cars.

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2015)


South African based Malawian  pastor, Hastings Salanje decided to brag about his wealth to the public through his social media account. He mainly bragged about his fleet of unique Mercedes Benz cars with customized number plates.

This is what he posted

I want to thank those people who are supporting me and my testimony, but to haters i have a reward for you, i want those people who commented wrongly on my page to show me if they have one of the cars i posted on this page to come forward and i will give r2500 (k100,000) (KSH25,000) to the first person who does that. The person must be in Malawi and a malawian. 2 i want you to find me 3 cars similar to my one car, that Mercedes Benz S500 or 600 Blue efficiency 2012 to 2015 face lift, and i will reward you with r5000 (k200,000) (Ksh50,000) if you get one i will give you r2500, the car must be in Malawi and with a malawian number plate, whether belongs to the government i don’t mind, because i you can’t allow the government to buy that car. 3 find me a pastor who is living in a house same like mine on the picture and i will give you r2500 (100,000) if you do that then i will know that your claim is right and i will stop testifying. But if you don’t then you are in trouble because i have just testified 20% of what God has done in the past 12months, you better unfriend me. Those s classes currently i have 4 of them, and this E class i have 2 of them, 2x range rovers, 2 x land rover discovery 4, just to metion a few. Thank you

It looks like the church business is a big earner. Just take a look at some of the cars this guy owns. Each costs around Ksh18 million. This just shows some of the rot that is brewing in the church all over the world. Anyway majority of us want this life.

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