The Insane Cash Dj Joe Mfalme Is Set To Earn This Month

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2016)

dj joe mfalme

Dj Joe Mfalme is without a doubt one of the top and most sought after deejays we have in Kenya. He scores some of the most high paying gigs in Kenya which range from corporate gigs to club gigs and even concerts plus festivals.

The talented Dj has just shared a list of high paying gigs he has been booked for this month in addition to his normal gigs plus his salaried job at Capital FM and contract with K24.

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On average Dj Joe Mfalme charges Ksh200,000 and upwards for international gigs and around Ksh100,000 and upwards for the local gigs depending on the size. All his other expenses such as traveling and accommodation have already been sorted out by the organizers. You can do the math and see how much he is bound to make.

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