Marjorie Elaine Harvey – Interesting Facts About Steve Harvey’s Wife

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2020)


Marjorie is the wife to Steve Harvey an American comedian, host and author of ‘Think Like a Man Act Like A Lady’ and the creator of Lady Loves Couture.

She was born on October 10th 1964 in the United States and of African American ethnicity

She is married to Steve Harvey. The two got married in 2007. She has 3 children, Jason, Lori and Morgan from her previous marriages. However, she is also a mother figure to Harvey’s other children from his previous relationships and with that she proudly refers to herself as a mother to 7 children.

She has been married twice before her marriage to Harvey. Her first husband, Jim Townsend, was a criminal and a drug dealer who was imprisoned for life but was later pardoned in 2017 by President Obama after serving 26 years. She divorced him after 5 years into his sentence. He is the father to her first two children. Her second marriage was to Donnell Woods another drug lord. They got married in 2000 around the same time FBI was investigating him for drug smuggling. She however left before the investigation was completed and started dating Harvey. Donnell is the father to her third child Lori.


Marjorie is a fashion blogger for theladylovecouture.  She talks about fashion, beauty, her different style looks and lifestyle where she includes food recipes and basic etiquette guidelines.

She also has a huge following on social media with around 1.8M followers on Instagram.

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