MC Jessy’s Latest Expensive Car Is Proof He Is Making A Lot Of Money

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2017)

MC Jessy is the number 2 at the Churchill Show right after Churchill himself thanks to his brilliance in hosting the show. The show itself is one of the most watched local shows in Kenya, holding its top position for a number of years.

As a result of this phenomenon popularity, the show will generate millions of shillings every season and this just means huge paydays for the different people operating under the brand. One of the big beneficiaries is MC Jessy who just got himself a new Mercedes Benz. Before this he had a BMW.

Here is the photo he shared on social media:

He captioned the photo:

Ngoja Uskie “Ati Oooo Kazi ni Kukalia gari za watu…Juu Ati Ni Mercedez 2012 na Tuko 2017…..Ati Oooo hiyo gari si yake…..Oooo hata ni ya loan ya Equity….Oooo ako na Mama Fulani KaSponsor….Sijui Oooooo…..oooooo…😞😞😞😞Ati Ooooo Hata Ni ya Kuomba… Eeeeeh….”

Comedy does pay

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