MCSK Pay Diamond Platnumz Ksh 1.2 Million To Perform

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2014)


Music Copyright Society of Kenya is hosting an awards gala night this Mashujaa Day at Carnivore on 20th October. Reports are in on social media that MCSK is allegedly paying Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz around Ksh1.2 million to perform plus also music royalties from local plays on radio. Most of the local artists are set to perform during the gala awards are allegedly being paid around Ksh50,000. Is this justified?

We all know Diamond is a very big artist in Africa and he commands a fee of over Ksh1 million for any performance outside Tanzania. Most Kenyan artists cannot demand such a fee. Artists such as Jaguar command a fee of around Ksh500,000 and above.