Meet The Most Fertile Woman In Uganda With 38 Biological Children

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2017)

Her name is Mariam Nabatanzi. She is 37 years old and currently has 38 children all biologically hers. She was married off at the tender age of 13 and her first births were 4 pairs of twins. She did seek medical help since she thought her fertility might kill her however, she got no help.

Mariam got pregnant again and this time she was blessed with quintuplets three times which led to her total kid count being, 8 +15 = 23. Afterwards came 3 sets of quadruplets, 12 + 23 = 35. This didn’t stop there, she got pregant multiple times with twins bringing her total count to 43. The gap between each set of birth is 1.8 years. However, she has lost some of her kids which brought down the number to 37. All her births have been natural and are believed to be from one man.

Mariam’s husband vanished since he feared for the responsibility and burden of taking care of the many kids she had.

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