Meet The Lady That services State House Cars

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2014)


Cynthia Achieng Ng’ang’a, 22 years old, is a woman who is proud of her career path. She is responsible for servicing the executive cars of the president.

You may ask, how did she get here? Well…here is her story.

My father, Polycarp Ng’ang’a, has worked for DT Dobie for a long time but he encouraged me to work on my own and create an identity. He knew that you can put someone in a job  but you can’t retain one if one doesn’t understand  what the job entails.  Last year DT Dobie advertised for mechanics and I applied for a job. I bagged the job early this year and my passion has seen me rise and become entrusted with servicing the president’s official cars. Since I joined this place I have serviced 20 vehicles from State House, mainly Mercedes Benz models.’


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