Micki Velton – Inside The Life Of Jerry Springer’s Ex Wife

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)


Micki is famous for her relationship with her now ex-husband Jerry Springer. No information is available about her birth date, place of birth, family, siblings, education or early life.

Micki was married to Jerry Springer, a renowned actor, news reporter and TV presenter. The couple met while she was working at Proctor and Gamble. They got married in 1973. Together they have a daughter by the name Katie Springer who was born in 1976. Their daughter was however born blind. The couple however divorced in 1994. The exact reason for the divorce is not known but its rumored to be because of Jerry’s infidelity


The only information known about her career is she worked for Proctor & Gamble. No information is available to date about her career.