Mike Sonko Shares Photos To Prove He Has Dealt With Hawkers Menace In The CBD

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

Recently, the CBD was flooded with a large flock of hawkers who occupied various sections of the sidewalks making it almost impossible to walk without stepping on their goods. Nairobi governor Mike Sonko had allowed them to operate from 2pm.

Nairobi residents were not happy with this decision so they decided to use the power of social media to air out their frustrations to the governor to find a different solution.

Mike Sonko was quick to respond and act. He gave out this statement:

“My administration has a comprehensive plan to ensure hawkers’ interests are taken care of. As a long-term measure, my administration has identified Mwariro Market to be transformed into a hawkers’ market.
Plans are also underway to acquire KPCU building and transform it into a hawkers’ market as well.

For the time being, my administration is working on means and ways that will ensure a progressive and humane relocation of hawkers to designated streets and lanes where they can freely do their businesses without obstructing other people as well as other business owners”



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