This Is How Mike Sonko Wants You To Dump Your Girlfriend

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2017)

Mike Sonko has started off on a high note as the Nairobi Governor by cleaning up major parts of Nairobi that were full of garbage. Besides this, he also came up with a way to dump your ex. This was his statement on Facebook:

I totally agree vile Nairobians wanasema, ati Sonko Rescue Team wamesafisha hii Nairobi mpaka hamuoni mkichafua hii Friday.

Niliona mkisema people from other counties will have to remove their shoes when coming to Nairobi.

Watu wangu me nawashow clean up inaendelea, so kama wewe pia umechoka na Ex wako make sure ako kwa dustbin kesho tumuokote pamoja na takataka ya kwako.

Weekend njema watu wangu.

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