Mike Sonko’s Salary As Nairobi’s Senator

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2014)

mike sonko

Nairobi’s senator Mike Sonko recently posted images of his payslip on his Facebook page showing us just how much he makes from the Kenyan government. The senator is also a big business man and well known to dish out money and very philanthropic towards his fellow Kenyans. From the images you can see he earns a gross salary of sh1,015,025. His basic salary is sh319,500 and his benefits are car maintenance (sh356,525), administrative (sh213,000), responsibility (sh96,000) and sitting allowance (sh30,000). This just shows us that senators in Kenya laugh all the way to the bank every single month.


Mike Sonko gives out a huge chuck of his pay check to various institutions in form of donations and  contributions. Here is the list

Nairobi Calvary Temple – sh50,000

AIC Jericho – sh100,000

PCEA Bahati – sh100,000

FPFK Church Kibera – sh30,000

PCEA Kangemi – sh30,000

PCEA Bahati – sh100,000

Kwangware Methodist – sh30,000

Makongeni SDA – sh40,000

Jesus Winners Ministry Roysambu -sh30,000

St Francis Assis Mombasa – sh30,000

AIC Yakamete Ngelani – sh100,000

St Joseph Catholic Church – sh200,000

Free Medical Camp in Deep Sea Slum – sh 450,000

PCEA Umoja – sh30,000



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