Minecraft Creator Outbids Beyonce and Jay Z On $70 Million Mansion

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2014)


It pays a lot to be the creator of a really really really successful game that every gamer is obsessing about. 35 year old Swedish video game programmer Markus Persson forked out $70 million cash for a 23,000 square foot mega-mansion in Beverly Hills and by doing this he had outbid Jay Z and Beyonce who wanted the same house.


Markus Persson is much richer than the two musicians since he sold the game Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. This guy has now paid the highest price ever paid for a house in Beverly Hills. The mansion has a candy room, car showroom, vodka and tequila bars, 54 foot curved glass door which opens onto a pool, 14 bathrooms, apartment sized closets and a movie theater.

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