Mr Nice Decides To Flaunt His Range Rover After People Started Claiming He Was Broke

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2018)

In the past recent times, Tanzanian musician Mr Nice has had to defend himself against the word on the street that he may be broke. He was just recently forced to come out and explain that he wasn’t stuck in Uganda after a promoter ditched him.

The latest form of defense was to share a photo of his Range Rover and fire back at Tanzanian blogs which he claims want to destroy his name. He said: “Hii gari si kwamba nimeazima, hii gari ni mali yangu sijaomba kwa mtu, sijakodisha kama mastar wa Bongo , This is my f*ckig car that I am driving in Kampala. So please wanaosema vibaya, tuachane sina mpango wa kuongea na mtu au kubishana na mtu.”

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