This Is How Much King Kaka Was Paid Before Becoming A Hit Musician

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2016)

In our careers and whatever we do, majority of the times most of us start from the bottom and claw our way upwards so as to get to the level we want. This is the same case in the music industry.

Rapper King Kaka found his way through the music industry after a life of a humble upbringing. He is now one of the highest paid rappers in the Kenyan music industry with a bunch of hit songs under his name. Not only music, he also owns a record label and clothing line. In addition to that, he is also a lecturer on weekdays.

At the start of his music career King Kaka, back then known as Rabbit, used to be paid very little money since he wasn’t among the top. In 2011, he was just getting Ksh6,000 a show. Right now that figure is in the six figures per every show he does. King Kaka shared a photo of a contract agreement he was given for a show performance stating how much he will be paid.

He captioned the photo:

I might be one of the highest paid artistes in East Africa right now. But A few years back it was all a dream, all I wanted was to get my family and family name out of poverty, and I tell people King Kaka is not by Luck, I worked hard usiku na mchana just to get the brand out there. I was so lucky to be Mentored by Chiwawa (my best rapper since high school) and by God’s grace I became his hype man. Then God started opening doors, one day I walked home and told my mother ‘I want you to quit your job’ (she raised us by selling fruits in Industrial area) , so the other day I met one of the guys who believed in me, in 2011 he gave me a gig and paid me Kshs 5000 (That’s the contract below), juzi we met at some high end meeting, I was in my usual suits and I had just packed my vehicle (notice nimesema ‘my vehicle’ ‘suits’ ‘high end meeting’) and we laughed, he is now one of the biggest CEOs in Kenya and I am King Kaka. Impossible Is Nothing.
Rule number 2, NEVER STOP, rule Number 1. GOD.
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