How Much Money DanAndPhilGAMES Makes On YouTube

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2017)

DanAndPhilGames is a YouTube channel run by two British guys by the names Phil Michael Lester (AmazingPhil) and Dan Howell. They each have their own separate YouTube channels which they are active in. Phil is a vlogger and radio personality from Rawtenstall Lancashire while Dan is also in the same career. This gaming channel mainly does Let’s Plays, challenges, reviews and many more.

How Much Money Does DanAndPhilGames Earn On YouTube?

The channel has over 2.7 million subscribers as of the start of 2017 growing by 2,000 new subs daily and has accumulated over 300 million views so far. In a day, it gets an average of 700,000 views from different sources. This should generate an estimated revenue of around $1,100 per day ($400,000 a year) from the ads that run on the videos.

YouTubers are paid between $2 -$5 per 1000 monetized views. Monetized views make up 40% – 60% of the total views.

The two make extra income from selling of merchandise through their website.

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