How Much Money The Exiting Governors Who Lost Will Be Paid As Sendoff Packages

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2017)

The elections are over in Kenyan and around 25 governors were sent packing after no being re-elected. However, they are not going away empty handed since the law prescribes some fat send off packages.

Each exiting governor will be paid gratuity equivalent to 31% of their annual basic pay for every year served. Currently, governors earn Ksh1.11 million per month in basic pay.

The deputy governors, county executive committee members, chief officers, county secretaries and county assembly speakers set to leave with them will also be entitled to a similar payoff structure.

Exiting governors will be paid Ksh12.24 million, deputy governors Ksh8.63 million, county executive committee members Ksh4.3 million, county assembly speakers ksh4.3 million, chief officers ksh3.7 million and county secretaries ksh3.2 million. These are their gratuity payments.

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