How Much Money Tanya Burr Makes On YouTube – Net Worth 2017

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2017)

tanya burr

Tanya Burr Net Worth – $450,000

Tanya Burr is a YouTube star who has generated her estimated net worth of around $450,000 from posting videos about fashion, make up, baking and other random stuff. She lives in London UK and grew up in Norwich. She started out by just doing make up tutorials then expanded to beauty haul videos and vlogs. She attends London Fashion Week every season and has sat at the front row at Mulberry and Topshop. She has also been able to make it to the front page of the Glamour magazine in their December 2015  issue.

In terms of collaborations, Tanya has worked with other big YouTubers like Zoe Sugg, Louise Pentland, Alfie Deyes, Tyker Oakley, Joe Sugg etc

How Much Money Does Tanya Burr Earn On YouTube?

Tanya Burr YouTube channel has over 3.7 million subscribers as of late 2017 and has accumulated over 360 million views since 2009. On average her channel gets around 140,000 hits everyday across her videos which in turn generate $250 per day ($90,000 a year) in average revenue from the ads that run on the videos.

YouTube pays an average rate of between $2-$5 per 1000 views which are monetized. Around 40% – 60% of the total views are monetized due to various reasons.

Tanya makes even more money through her make up like, Tanya Burr Cosmetics. She has a beauty guide book Love, Tanya and also a baking book called Tanya Bakes. She also has a large following on her Instagram account with over 3.2 million followers . Here she is able to get sponsored posts from companies like Nip and Fap, Garneir, Clinique etc who pay thousands of dollars for a product mention to her millions of followers.

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