How Much Money Various Artists Were Paid At The Chris Brown Event Mombasa Rocks Festival

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2016)

Mombasa Rocks Festival went down yesterday night and the much awaited RnB star Chris Brown got to give a thrilling performance. Reports are moving all over the internet that an estimated amount of Ksh200 million was spent to organize the event. Majority of it was used to pay the performers and get the venue ready.

Here are the alleged amounts some of the musicians were paid

Chris Brown – Ksh90 million


He was the main star at the event. A total of $900,000 had to go into Chris Brown’s pocket for him to come to Kenya. The agreement was prepared by a London based agency and Wale Wasee Limited the Kenyan promoters. By September 30th, Chris Brown had already been paid $550,000 (Ksh55 million). These are $200,000 (Ksh20 million) as the travel buyout and $350,000 (Ksh35 million) as the down payment. The remaining $350,000 (Ksh35 million) was paid when he arrived in Mombasa.

Other things in the agreement were first class sound and lights, audio amplification equipment, security, catering, transportation, presidential suite for the artist and junior suite for the management, king singles for the travel party etc. The hotel had to be 5 star and close the event venue. After Chris Brown’s 90 minute performance he was also set to make a 15 minute appearance for the after party.


Wizkid – Ksh4 million


He the biggest name from Africa in the line up of musicians to perform at the event.


Ali Kiba – Ksh2 million


Most recognizable name of the musicians in East Africa.


Vanessa Mdee – Ksh2 million


Another big artist from Tanzania

NaziziĀ  – Ksh800,000


One of the legendary Kenyan artists.

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