How Much Salary Top Kenyan Companies Pay

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2014)


The normal life routine for Kenyans is be born , go to school, get a job and work till you retire. Today we will focus on the job part and am sure many of you have always wondered how much big companies in Kenya pay. Frankly, blue chip companies in Kenya pay quite well when you have lots of experience. As the economy grows so does the salaries. Most of these salaries depend on various positions. Some like those in marketing and sales get a small salary but a bulk of their earnings come in form of commissions. Employees in ICT get higher pay than bank tellers.

Here is the list

1. Safaricom Limited

According to a survey conducted by Pay Scale, the leading telecommunication company pays a monthly salary of ksh 101,000 – ksh220,000. This is before taxes and any other deductions. Safaricom is the most profitable company in Kenya and sponsors hundreds of events every year.

2. Barclays Bank

The pay here ranges between ksh39,000 and ksh170,000 a month. This is one of the oldest banks in Kenya with headquarters in United Kingdom.

3. Equity Bank

The entry level salary for graduates is around ksh45,000 a month. This will go up as you climb the ranks.

4. KCB

This is the largest bank in terms of assets and one of the oldest banks in the country. Their entry level salary is around ksh55,000 according to research from various people.

5. Kenya Airways

The company calls itself  The Pride of Africa and has been facing fierce competition from Ethiopian Airlines. Salaries range from ksh55,000 to ksh1.6 million. Systems Analysts are one of the highest paid people there.

6. Nation Media Group

This is the largest media house in East Africa with presence in all East African countries. Salaries range from ksh24,000 to ksh668,000

7. Standard Chartered Bank

According to the survey the employee pay ranges between ksh70,000 and ksh214,000 a month. The bank is one of the first banks to set up shop in Kenya.

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