How Much Traffic Ghafla Gets and How Much Money It Makes

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2015)

ghafla entertainment

Have you ever wondered just how many hits does the number 1 Kenyan celebrity gossip site gets? Ghafla recently released their stats for January 2015 and for sure they are impressive. In terms of web traffic, the website gets around 9 million pageviews a month, a very impressive figure considering smartphone penetration is still low in Kenya. This is around 300,000 pageviews per day.  In terms of unique users it got almost 2 million in a month and this shows just how many faithful readers the site has.

ghafla web stats

Advertisers love sites like this. Lemme do an estimate just how much money Ghafla gets from Google Adsense. The average earnings from 1000 pageviews in Kenya is close to $0.5 which is on the lower side. The site obviously get visitors from abroad like USA and UK where the earnings per 1000 pageviews is close to $2-$5. If we assume all the visitors are from Kenya that should be around $4,500 a month on the lower side. In Ksh this is around Ksh400,500 from adsense alone. Majority of the ads on Ghafla are from direct advertisers who pay close to 3-5 times the amounts earned on adsense (Google takes close to half the amount the advertisers pay). This is because of the removal of the middle-man, Google. Ghafla has other forms of creative monetization, these are sponsored content, event hype etc. My estimate would be over Ksh1 million every month, hence it is a very profitable business with employees, offices etc, they can afford it all.