Nairobi City Council To Charge You For Flower Beds

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2014)


Residents of Nairobi, the greedy Nairobi County Government is back again in your pockets to snatch more money from you. A new Nairobi County Finance Bill has been proposed to charge an annual fee of sh5000 to those who maintain a flowerbed outside the walls of their property.

Most resident in the high end neighborhoods in Nairobi have large flowerbeds inside and outside the compounds. This charge will most likely affect them majorly.

As for businesses with frontage potted plants they will have to pay sh20,000 a year. This will definitely raise the cost of doing business and ultimately increasing cost to consumers.

Garbage collection charges are also on the rise. Currently various cafes and tea rooms pay 3000 a month up from sh1000 for collection and transportation of solid waste. Restaurant charges will be doubled from sh2000 to sh 4000. Dispensaries and health centres have not been spared since they will be charged sh5000 up from sh2000 and sh2500.

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