Nancy Putkoski – Inside The Life Of The Ex Wife To Anthony Bourdain

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)


Nancy Putkoski is an American woman who got famous as a result to her marriage to the late Anthony Bourdain who was a celebrity chef, author and television personality on Food Network’s A Cook’s Tour. Anthony passed on on June 2018, just a few days shy from turning 62. It is reported that he committed suicide.

Nancy was born on April 1955 in Fort Lee, New Jersey. She was able to attended Dwight Englewood High School then moved to New York after graduating in 1974. She got enrolled in Vassar College which is a private, coeducational institution for liberal arts majors. She went ahead to graduate in 1978.

Anthony and Nancy met while they were both in Dwight Englewood high school. They both proceeded to the same college however, Anthony dropped out after two years of studying to pursue his passion for cooking. The couple kept seeing each other and in 1985 they ended up getting married. They did not have any kids during the length of their marriage since Anthony through he could be the best father he would have wanted.

After around 20 years of marriage, Nancy and Anthony underwent a divorce in 2005 after separating for a year. One of the reasons for this was that the two were physically away from each other for long periods of time due the nature of Anthony’s cooking shows. He rarely made time for his family.

Due to her dislike for publicity, Nancy went off the radar. Her ex husband married a lady named Ottavia whom he had a daughter with. They ended up parting ways after 9 years.

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