The Nasty Things That Happen To Uber Drivers That Refuse To Join The Strike In Nairobi (PHOTOS)

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2017)

Uber drivers in Nairobi, Kenya, are under strike protesting low fares. Mid last year, Uber decided to cut its prices by 35% in Nairobi after facing stiff competition from Safaricom’s Little Cabs. The per minute ride went from Ksh4 per minute to Ksh3 per minute while the per kilometer cost went from Ksh60 per km to Ksh35 per km. The minimum cab fare was also reduced from Ksh300 to Ksh200.

Various Uber drivers did not like these changes since it meant they would make a significantly less amount of money. This has lead to protests from them since February, holding various demos near Uber Kenya offices.

There are some drivers who decided not to join in the strike but rather keep ferrying passengers. They do end up making more money since the demand is high yet drivers are significantly fewer leading to price surges. Striking Uber drivers could not stomach this so they decided to spill oil to fellow drivers who did not join the strike.

It is also reported that 2 cars have already been burnt down.

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