New Packages, Charges and Rates For Zuku Home Internet and TV

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2015)


As DSTV keeps increasing its subscription prices, Wananchi Group’s Zuku has decided to reduce its monthly subscription fees for Internet, pay tv and telephone services by Kh200.

Those who subscribe to 10mbps will pay 4,099, those on 20mbps Ksh5,299 and those on 50mbps will pay Ksh9,799. The existing clients have the option to remain on their current package or upgrade to the Infinite packages which are the new packages introduced.

Customers who buy the 1mbps will get 60 Edge TV channels and a phone at Ksh2,799 while the 4 mbps package, Infinite 4, comes with 60 Edge TV channels at Ksh2999. Subscribers opting for Infinite 10 will get 10mbps 60 Edge TV channels and a phone for Ksh4,099; Infinite 20, 20Mbps 60 Edge TV channels and phone.

Installation costs will stand at Ksh3,999 and Ksh7,500 for Gigabit Passive Optical Network areas.

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