Nonini Appointed Secular Music Representative In Music Policy Committee

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2014)


The Godfather of Genge has landed a new job. The Ministry of Sports Culture and the Arts formed a Music Policy Committee which will deal with streamlining the music industry in Kenya, deal with rights associated with music, review legal and institutional framework and give various implementation plans. Nonini was appointed to represent secular music in the committee.

Here is a full list of those appointed to the Music Policy Committee in Kenya

1. Mr. Wenslas Ongayo DAII – Chairperson

2. Mr. Rufus Thuku – PPMC

3. Mr. Protus Onyango – Ag. Director, The Arts Dept

4. Mr. Charles Muthini – PPMC

5. Ms. Monica Sairo – MoSCA

6. Suzanne Gachukia – Producer Representative

7. Angela Ndambuki – Performers Representative

8. Bernard Kioko – Publishers Representative

9. Herbert Nakitare (Nonini) – Secular music representative

10. Alex Apoko (Ringtone) – Gospel music representative

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