“It’s Not Easy For A Man To Accept Another Man’s Responsibility” Akothee Warns Single Mothers

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2017)

Kenyan singer Akothee is well known for her extravagant lifestyle, music and her many kids with different fathers. In the past couple of weeks, she has been vibrant on social media dishing out various pieces of advice on various life issues. This time round she had a message to various single mothers out there.

Akothee is a single mother of 5 kids from three different fathers. In a long post, she narrated how it’s not easy for any man to accept another man’s responsibility.

“The world is bitter because we raise bitter children in broken relationships , as a mother , you have no choice but to show your children love , they dint send an application for what kind of life they would like to live , they are victims of circumstances , I would have been married by a young handsome guy from holland in 2007 , he was such a loving and caring man, but the moment he asked me to take back my children to their father so we can settle with him! My love for him vanished & everything he did was just annoying me even after he appologised , I dint trust him again so did I walk away from the relationship , even though he was a perfect husband , its not easy for another man to accept another mans resposibility , & thats why wuon Oyoo is still the winner ,

I met him in 2009 when Ojwang was just but 2 weeks old , he fell in love with the oozing milk I was in the middle of lactating but was back at work as a taxi driver magy roja that , he collected my 4 children as his & always reffered them to our children , he always had their birth certificates in his email in case the school wanted something and I was away imagine his name was in none of the above 🙈, this was a lesson for me never to take quick offers as they come , I am a risk taker , my children comes first in my relationship , a child is not a teddy bear that you would move from one couch to the other , forget it and come pick it the next day , I am a proud mother of five, now enjoying the fruits of my luck, patience and Gods miracles . sometimes I felt like God was taking too long to answer me , but trust me I got so many proposals but my children were never in this guys budget , I dumped them with all their dreams of having a model to show arround in europe while my womb would be Suffering in Afrika , from day one , I will sing the love of my children in your ears so I get to know you before we make any step , your reactions will tell me if we moving on or lets just not waste time , A man will never take you serious the moment he realises he can replace your children from your heart ,sorry for the babby daddies , karma will land at your doorstep soon., for the single fathers I dont know your pain , I have never been there , may be you share with us so ladies can learn from your experience , #backtoschoolmoments , this is the time single parents drink salty water for tea GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH MY LOVE.