It’s Official! Bahati and Diana Marua Now Officially Married

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2017)

Gospel singer Bahati and Diana Marau are officially now husband and wife after holding their traditional wedding. They decided to keep details to the wedding unknown to the public until today.

The two dressed in maroon matching outfits looking very much in love with each other. Bahati announced on social media stating: IT’S OFFICIAL….Thank you Jesus. She is lawfully mine. Now let the babies come @Diana_Marua. 

Diana on the other hand stated: When the Title Mrs is no longer a miss now 😉 #MrsBahati @bahatikenya 😘

The later added: Yesterday was amazing. All credit goes to God! This picture doesn’t speak half of what God is doing for us even when we didn’t do all what we were needed to do, He still kept us. The Joy that is in my heart is unmeasurable and unspeakable. Thank you God! 🙏🏼 @bahatikenya 👑

It is reported that Diana is expecting her first child with Bahati even though they havn’t out-rightly fully confirmed the whole incidence.

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