Otile Brown Sheds Extra Light On His Relationship With Vera Sidika

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2018)

Over the past couple of days, Otile Brown and Vera Sidika have been very open on social media about the two of them constantly hanging out at Vera’s house. We have constantly seen Otile Brown parading himself shirtless at the premises and sometime share a bed with Vera. A video was posted on Instagram of him trying to lift the voluptuous socialite.

This has raised numerous rumors that the two might just be in a relationship. While doing an interview with Joey Muthengi at the 10/10 show, Otile Brown shed some light on this situationship with Vera Sidika:

She is my BFF, my best friend. She has been my friend for so long being that we are both from the Coast. We have always been talking but she has not been in the country most of the time and now she is around and so we hangout a lot and stuff like that. We are just BFFs we’re friends.

Here are some adorable photos of the two of them