Owago Onyiro Gets A Lucrative Job At Radio Station

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2016)


Comedian Owago Onyiro has joined the list of comedians who became radio presenters thanks to their talent of making people laugh. He has now been employed by KBC Radio Taifa and will be working alongside Cynthia Anyango and Bonny Musambi in the breakfast show “ZingaLaAsubuhi” from Monday to Friday.

This is the message Owago posted on Instagram:

Today I woke up with good news Truly don’t lose hope in life because no condition is permanent. Life has knocked me down a few times. I have seen things I never want to see again. But I will always get back up, I will never stay down. @jalangoo made sure I made it on radio…….He has been showing me how to fish instead of giving me fish to please me Many might say he is a bad Man but trust me @jalangoo will help anyone achieve his or her dreams although You can’t please everyone on earth more so here in Kenya. Many people didn’t believe in me but this guy did I am humbled @jalangoo for making me achieve one of my dreams

To DANIEL NDAMBUKI (The father of Kenyan Stand Up Comedy) aka @churchill_kenya you made the brand OWAGO ONYIRO……….I can’t get enough words to thank you but I only request the Almighty God to continue blessing you till you see your great great grand children Guys always remember one thing “DON’T STAY WHERE YOU ARE TOLERATED, GO WHERE YOU ARE CELEBRATED ” Amen Don’t hate the player but the Game “HAPA KAZI TU” This is just but the beginning….. #Ichieniiiiiiii #TheProdigalSon

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