Perverted Man Busted Touching Woman’s Thigh In A Matatu (PHOTO)

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2017)


Whenever you use public transport system its wise to be very careful since there are a wide variety of creeps you can run into. This includes those who start meaningless uninvited conversations.

Recently a lady by the name Mishy Shawn Nimo had to an unforgettable experience while inside a matatu after a man decided to touch her thighs. He was pretending to be asleep so that all his actions may seem involuntary.

The lady decided to push the man away instead of alighting from the vehicle. Her statement was:

Hio ni tabia gani MTU anajifanya amelala….nmepanda mat nkaketi na MTU akaanza kujifanya amelala…nlingoja nfike pale ntashukia but nkaona itakua noma…nkamsukuma akaamka kama wazimu….tia akili mwanaume.

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