PHOTO: Avril Looking Heavily Pregnant While Performing With Timmy Tdat

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2018)

For a number of months, singer Avril has been rumoured to be pregnant and the father of the baby is allegedly popular videographer J Blessing. J Blessing has however denied that the singer is pregnant with his baby. He also added that he is not interested in entering any new relationship after his failed marriage to Toklezea hitmaker Chantelle.

I am in a transition in my life and everything will be okay. Where I am right now I have so much going on that I don’t think relationship is one thing I will endorse. There is so much in my bowl, I have work, I have products that I want to bring out, I have a child… a beautiful daughter and so relationship is somewhere but not… ” J Blessing said.

When question about the whole pregnancy issue, Avril declined to comment on it. 2 weeks ago she was spotted at the Aga Khan prenatal care unit twice.

Avril has also changed her dressing to more baggy clothes and maternity outfits which are great for concealing a growing baby bump. This past weekend she was performing at an event and she took a video while performing with Timmy Tdat. From the screenshot, we can kind of see there is something that looks more like a baby bump. Her recent photos also show some weight gain which is very normal with pregnant women. Word has it that she is around 5 months.